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What happens prior to your procedure?

You will receive a letter from the hospital bookings clerk or from the Doctors secretary outlining the date of your procedure and date and time of your admission to the hospital.

In some cases a letter asking you to cease taking your medication is enclosed. This generally refers only to the medication you are taking for your abnormal heart rhythm. Your doctor will specify which medications he wants you to stop.. If you are taking warfarin this will usually be continued but the dose may be varied in the days before the procedure based on your blood test results. If you are taking other blood thinners (Pradaxa, Xarelto or Eliquis) these might be stopped approximately 12-48 hours before the procedure and instructions will be provided.

Before your procedure, a CT scan of your heart will be performed. This CT images will be used during your ablation procedure.

Patients having the procedure at the Royal Melbourne Hospital will be required to attend our Pre-admission clinic prior to your procedure where you will see a doctor to take your consent and a pre admission nurse who will, take a blood test, an ecg ect.. The doctor will also confirm the time you should be at the hospital for admission the following day. You will be required to fast for at least six hours before your procedure. If your procedure is in the afternoon you may have a light early breakfast. If your procedure is in the morning, DO NOT EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT, except for a sip of water to help you swallow your pills.


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